About Us

Welcome to South Asia Blog. South Asia Blog is a part of Curry Soft. I, Razib Ahmed, am the proprietor of Curry Soft and it is registered in Dhaka Bangladesh. The small one room office that we have is not what you would dream about but it is enough for us to carry out our activities. We have a number of Websites and South Asia Blog is one of them.
We started South Asia Blog on January 2009 and we are happy to note that it has become one of the top websites about the region. We try to cover all the countries of the region. Yes, our primary focus is Business and Economy. However, if you live in this part of the world then you must know that entertainment and sports are integral part of the lives of people of South Asia.  
We always try to produce original and quality content. We regularly cover important events of the region. We also try to provide breaking news whenever we can.
It is the time of introducing our members:

Razib Ahmed

I am Razib Ahmed and I have been a journalist for over a decade in my own city, Dhaka. I have published more than 500 reports, interviews and features in more than 20 daily newspapers and magazines in the last 10 years. I worked at the Editorial Board of Computer Bichitra Magazine.
I did my Masters in English Language in 1999. I have been writing in Internet for the last 4 years and I worked for Know More Media Network, Blog Republic and Cosmofair Network.
I am strongly passionate about South Asia. My specialization is on India as I have been covering India and Pakistan since 1998 in newspapers, magazines and Internet websites.

S.M. Mehdi Hassan
My name is S.M. Mehdi Hassan. I just finished M.A in English from North South University. I have been writing since my university days. Initially, I started writing to enrich my profile because anybody with good writing skill in English has huge potential in Bangladeshi job market. Gradually, I started to enjoy writing and got more into it. Finally, Internet gave me the opportunity to start out as a writer. I have been using the Internet since 2002.
In 2006, I started writing on a blog named Asianbiz. After writing for six months in Asianbiz, I got the opportunity to working in Know More Media, a reputed American blog network. There I worked in SouthAsiabiz, a blog that regularly covered news about South Asian countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and India. In 2008, I worked in South Asia Fair, another popular blog on South Asia, for six months. I dream to become one of the leading journalists specializing in South Asia.  To contact me, just send me an email: hassan@southasiablog.com

Biplob Kishore Deb
I am Biplob Kishore Deb. Currently, I am an undergraduate student majoring in English at North South University. I started blogging in 2006 and have been continuously writing for the last 4 years. My main passion is cricket- the main sports of South Asia. I also write like to write about cars. My Interest in South Asia is mainly Bangladesh and Maldives. Nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing that my writing is written by hundreds of people from around the world. You can gt me at: biplob@southasiablog.com

Kamrul Hasan

I am studying at English Department of Stamford University Bangladesh. I first wrote in Internet in 2007 and since then I have been just writing and writing. I like Nepal and Bhutan. My email: kamrul@southasiablog.com

Abdul Aziz Liton (Photographer)

Hello all. I am Abdul Aziz Liton and I like to take pictures of different events, birds, flowers and what not. I am a full time photographer and in addition to South Asia Blog, I also take pictrues for Computer Jagat, the leading Computer Magazines of Bangladesh. My work experience in this field is nearly 7 years. email address: amiliton276@gmail.com