Thursday, June 25, 2009

$24 Million Loan from World Bank Loan for Sri Lanka

After the end of civil war, now, one of the top priorities for the government of the country is to look after the economy. Many people have suffered and the economy of the country also suffered in the last 3 decades. Of course, it needs massive support from international community. World Bank yesterday ‘approved a $ 24 million IDA credit’. The areas in north and east have been ravaged by the civil war and many people are in extreme need of aid.

RTT News reported:

The project will continue to support the decentralization of health service delivery, including the strengthening of district and provincial capacity for planning and implementation of health programs, the Bank said in a statement. It would also support efforts to improve service delivery and renovate health facilities, provide training for health workers, and provision of medical supplies and equipment, it added.

It is a welcome relief for many people in Sri Lanka. However, World Bank should monitor strictly that the money reaches to the people who really need it.

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