Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogger Forum Suspended Posting for Spammers from India!

When I started professional blogging, one of the important things I did was to join in Blogger Forum. It was one of the best places for me to learn about the art of blogging. In fact, I gave a lot of time there and as a result, I could get a lot of benefit for my blog: SouthAsiaBiz.com. I got a lot of comments and links from the members there and it gave a great boost to my career. So, naturally, I have special feeling and memory about the site.

A few weeks ago, when I visited the site, I found that they have suspended posting and it happened because spammers from India caused a lot of problems. I am quoting their message from the home page:

“Folks, the real problems started when we passed 78% as the visitors here from India.

To hell with being politically correct at this point. Virtually all of our spam comes from India and China. There was never a problem before we hit a tipping point and most visitors started coming here for ways to make money.

There are many members from India who are productive and we value their contributions. However, that is just the way it is.

There is really no way to fight spammers who want to take the time to join, confirm their email address, manually enter the captcha symbols, and then manually post spam with 2 minute delays between posts. We put a higher value on human time then they do.

We will be back when and if a cure for this problem is found.”

I am not from India but I am from South Asia it gave me a lot of pain to think that people from my region created this problem for a very popular forum. I wish that the owners decide to bring the site again and allow members to post.


  1. Found the information worthy as I had no idea of posting a comment on the blog. Some great information to be absorbed in this post. Thanks! Keep blogging.

  2. I love when I find a blog about spammers and the 1st comment is from a spammer (see the idiot above my post).