Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Cricket Revolution: A Documentary by David Goldblatt

The Cricket Revolution is a documentary made by David Goldblatt. This two-part documentary focuses on the latest version of the game Twenty20 and its increasing popularity within just 6 years of its arrival. Twenty20 format was first introduced in Hampshire, England in 2003. First tournament based on this 20-over format was organized by Hampshire County cricket club six years back.

Now, thanks to IPL and ICL, twenty20 has become the most popular form of the game, outperforming the game’s traditional formats: test and ODI. In fact, twenty20 format could become the ambassador of cricket in some parts of the world. The Cricket Revolution is intended to show an insight of the shortest version of the game and how it grew to its skyrocketing popularity. However, David Goldblatt has tried to find out some ways to save test cricket in this documentary.

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