Sunday, June 14, 2009

India out of T20 World Cup: Bad Business for Star Cricket?

If you are a passionate supporter of Indian cricket team then you have my sympathy. Just a few minutes ago, Dhoni and his men lost to England and with this loss, India is out of Twenty20 World Cup 2009. They were the reigning champion. So, it is a big and depressing shock for all the fans.

Telegraph wrote:

India, the defending champions and kings of all things Twenty20, were knocked out of the tournament on a tense evening at Lord's by an England team that continues to defy predictions of their demise.

England recorded their finest Twenty20 victory and a win over the West Indies on Monday will ensure the home side's place in the semi-final. It would be a remarkable achievement for a team twice beaten and seemingly forever on the verge of elimination.

The people of India are crazy for cricket and they are very upset for this matter. However, I feel that the officials of Star Cricket are perhaps even sadder than any fan. They should be very sad because now, most people in the country would not bother to watch the matches live in this TV channel. India has another match to play in Super Eight Stage. However, the result of that match does not matter and that is why, I am expecting a low TV ratings for Star in that match. Then, there will be no Dhoni and his team in the semifinals or in final. So, naturally, fewer people will bother to watch those matches.

The irony is that similar thing happened for Sony Entertainment Television in 2007 ICC World Cup that took place in West Indies. In that event, India had early exit from the first round. It caused huge financial loss for SET. Well, I don’t think that it would be a big loss for Star Cricket. Still, they would be unhappy with the result of today.


  1. its not only for star cricket all business have bad for india out of the series that to chesing score was very less in t20 game dhoni was very very poor perfomence to compare other series

  2. i think india tried but i think india lost bcz of their overconfidence. they thought they could beat england but england played well and we lost ... sorry if u didnt like this comment.... its my opinion... shakalaka boom boom

  3. advertisers are set to lose big bucks.. India started as favourites and advertisers had paid huge bucks for the 10 sec slots but the current performance has made it tuff for them to cah the opportunities.

  4. India was only focusing to beat pakistan. Politics at Cricket also...... Even the Indian Comentators are doing Politics.............

    These all Due to IPL....Play more and more.........................Play for Money only.............

    IPL destroy players.........

    Now Play one more IPL........ ICC should check IPL because i there is big Corruption and gambling is going on