Tuesday, June 16, 2009

India vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2009: Analysis and Live Score Information

If you are a cricket fan then of course, you know the matter that India is already out of Twenty20 World cup 2009. This matter has caused a lot of anger and pain in the country but do not forget that Indian team has still one match to play and that match is it against South Africa. India vs South Africa match is going to take place later tonight. It may be insignificant but you have to remember that both of the two teams have something to play for.

I know that South Africa will not take this match lightly because a lot depends on the result of the match for them. If they win it then they will surely be the champion of the group and they will go to the semifinal as the group winner. This will give them some confidence and will help them to avoid perhaps Sri Lanka. SA has another important reason to try to win this match. This time, Australia and India are out and at this moment, South Africa is considered to be the hot favorite. So, if they can win the match then it will make them even more favorite And give their players much more confidence because India is the current champion of the event.

On the other hand, I think that the Indian players will take this matter very seriously because already many people are in India are very angry. They’re complaining that the Indian players are more interested in about money in Indian premier league or sponsorships rather than playing seriously for their own country. Even Indian coach stated that IPL caused a big problem. So, this is a very important opportunity for Indian team to show that they are dedicated for their country. So, they will try their best to win the match and if they can win it convincingly then they can perhaps state that the defeat against England was just a surprise and unexpected upset.

In this tournament, South Africa so far has looked very balanced and solid. Their batsmen Have done superb job and their bowlers are not far behind either. They have some top quality players who are also excellent in fielding. So, I feel that in today’s match, South Africa is the strong favorite to win.

Indian batsmen except Yuvraj Singh have mostly disappointed all the supporters. In England, There are many people of Indian origin and in every match that India played, they were in the stadium in large number. Even in the last match against England, I felt that there were almost equal number of supporters of both the team’s despite the fact that this match to place in England. So, it is even more painful for the supporters because they came to enjoy the matches hoping for the repetition of Indian performance of 2007.

The match is going to start at 17:30 Local Time (16:30 GMT). That means 10 PM Indian time. Start cricket TV channel is going to broadcast it live for Indian viewers and I feel that many people are still going to watch the match hoping to see that their team can demolish South Africa.

As for live score: many websites will provide live score of the match. I am giving names of few:





So, enjoy the match and pray for your team’s success.


  1. Dhoni ki jai ho

  2. westendies and india level the series of t50.westendies is very horrible for india in t50.
    In my opinion if team combination is like this for first match then it is possible to destroy the westendies.

  3. Yusuf Pathan
    Gautam Gambhir
    Yuvraj Singh
    Rohit Sharma
    M.S Dhoni
    next five is next day.

  4. India did not played upto their potential and Dhoni's terrible captaincy just added upto the pressure. I think this suggests that their are no favourites in T20.