Monday, June 8, 2009

Interview of Ana Goncalves of Expressive World

My blog is about South Asia and one of the things I am passionate about South Asia is its food. If you live in the UK then you would surely know that South Asian food (curry food) is very popular in Great Britain. There are many South Asian restaurants in the UK and they are often mistakenly called as “Indian Restaurants”. A good number of these restaurants are owned by people of Bangladeshi origin and that is why, I like to call them “South Asian Restaurants” instead of “Indian Restaurants”. Anyway, I recently came across a blog called Expressive World. I found an interesting entry about review of a book on Indian food. So, I became interested about the blog and the blogger. I emailed her some interview questions and received the answers.

Here is the interview for the readers:

Razib Ahmed: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ana Goncalves: I am an open minded individual who is very relaxed in herself and her collected state of mind. I am on the journey of elevating and developing my conscious awareness through insightful reflection, and any other means of tools which help to balance my emotional and physical well being along the way. My second priority is to help people, and create a better place for all those who live here. Currently a Neighbourhood Network Administrator in a community for an Older people’s project. To find out more visit: I experience each moment uniquely as it is, therefore I don’t have any set hobbies as I enjoy doing anything I feel to express or explore all of my being in.

Razib Ahmed: Tell us a little bit about your blog Expressive World.

Ana Goncalves: Expressive World is a tool of self exploration and discovery, when I feel to express myself within a written content.

Razib Ahmed: What is your future plan with this blog?

Ana Goncalves: No future plans.

Razib Ahmed: Reading your blog entries I found out that you are a very spiritual person. Tell us why you chose such a subject for your blog.

Ana Goncalves: I did not choose the subject. It chose me. I write because it is an expression and reflection of who I am. I chose to create a blog as it would be more personal from that sense. Previously this domain was a forum for people to learn more about themselves by expressing exactly how they felt and learning to understand the experiences they encountered.

Razib Ahmed: Ana you write great poems. I liked Locker Number 225. Can you discuss a little bit about this poem.

Ana Goncalves: Thank you. I am happy that you enjoyed this poem. I too liked it very much. This poem was inspired by a picture of a locker, and some eyes peeking out from it, at Absolute Write. I wrote from inspiration out of that, and it came out like so.

Razib Ahmed: Tell us a little bit about your writing habits. In your blog you wrote a review on Anjum Anand’s book on India meals. What do you think about Indian foods?

Ana Goncalves: Like many other world dishes, the food very much represents the culture and way of life of the country. Indian foods are deliciously varied, and a good treat especially the curries.

Razib Ahmed: What are your favorite Indian dishes?

Ana Goncalves: I enjoy a variety of Indian foods, mostly healthy oriented dishes. I don’t have any favourites. I’m a big food lover in general, and always like to taste new types of food. I never eat the same thing over and over.

Razib Ahmed: There are many Indian restaurants in UK and Indian foods are quite popular over there. Have you ever been to any Indian restaurant? What is your favorite dish?

Ana Goncalves: Yes, I have been to several Indian restaurants, and they have all been very nice and unique in their own way. Again, I don’t have a favourite dish, as I always eat something different each time, as it is always cooked accordingly to the chef or culture.

Interestingly went to an Nepalese Restaurant on sunday night, and had a variety of dishes. I think then was drawn to a pork curry dish with the nuts and pineapples. Complimented the rice, and the coconut and peanut bread.

Interestingly enough now too, my mum is baking simosas. Indian food has been a long while around my reach since a young child, as my mum used to cook with her Goan friend, and she picked up lots of tips from her. We used to live together. Plus I have cousins who are from Pakistan, and I grew up the second part of my childhood in a very strong Indian community.

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