Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love vs Romance: AW Blog Chain February 2009

It is time for February AW Blog Chain. Ralph Pines has started the chain with ‘Love vs. Romance’ and he supported love and he said that he is not fan of romance in sitcoms. I think that it is an excellent theme considering the fact that it is Valentine’s week. Ralph is a big fan of ‘love’ and he hates ‘romance’. It is my turn to keep the blog chain going.

First of all, English is not my mother tongue. So, it is a bit difficult for me to grasp the meanings of these two words. I am going to talk about my ideas with the examples of two novels and one movies.

I don’t know how many of you watched the movie Alex & Emma. In this movie, Alex (Luke Wilson) had two women in his life. At first, he met Polina who rich and beautiful and hot. He got fascinated with her and he felt that he had best romance in his life with her. In the end, he even borrowed some money (from a mafia gang) on high interest gambled to get some money (with the goal to marry her) but lost the money and became almost bankrupt. Then, he met Emma who was ordinary and straight forward. She was not romantic as per as the traditional definition. However, she is supportive, dedicated and lving woman.

Two novels that I like a lot are ‘Great Expectations’ of Charles Dickens and ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ of George Orwell. The two heroines of these novels are Estella and Rosemary . To me, Estella is symbol of romance and Julia is the symbol of love. Pip was crazy for Estella but she was not that much interested about him. On the other hand, Gordon was a man with hardly income but Rosemary was totally dedicated to him.

Well, I have struggled with money matters for most of my life until now. So, when I think of love and romance, I surely associate it with the matter of having or not having money and dedication and support. I fully understand that it is different to others. I wonder what Kat Frass has to say about it.

The list of Participants in AW Blog Chain 2009:

Ralph Pines

Kat Frass
Cathy C

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