Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael J. Fox, Optimism and Bhutan

To many people living in East and West, the idea of Gross National Happiness of Bhutan government is perhaps nothing but a joke. I have deep respect for this idea. Well, I live in South Asia and having this kind spiritual idea is perhaps not uncommon. It is not that I am a supporter of Bhutanese government but I really feel that all the countries should importance to the idea of happiness for its people. At least, it could help the western people more now during the time of economic recession. The worst thing that has happened during this recession is the matter that millions of people have lost hope. They are frustrated and they see only bleak prospect for themselves.

One American man is perhaps an exception and he wants to be optimistic. Michael J. Fox is a famous Hollywood actor. He has announced that he wants to be optimistic in life and as a part of his effort to be optimistic, he is going to travel Bhutan. I am delighted that Michael J. Fox has talked about it openly. Well, you may wonder that he is a rich Hollywood celebrity and he can have this kind of interest to get more media publicity. May be you are right but don’t forget that he suffered from Parkinson’s disease. So, he knows the value of happiness and optimism.

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(This entry was originally published in March 2009)

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