Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MoneyGram International in Nepal with Money Transfer Facility

MoneyGram is a money transfer company and is perhaps almost as famous as its competitor Western Union. Western Union is very popular now in my country Bangladesh and here, we have MoneyGram facility too. It is surely a delightful news for Nepalese people to find that they too are going to enjoy the instant money transfer facility through MoneyGram in Nepal from now on. This will be surely welcomes by the people whose relatives work in foreign countries.

What made me happy is that in the website of this company, you can find information even in Nepalese language.

The English section about Nepal wrote:

Where to find us in Nepal

You can use MoneyGram to receive money at branches of Nepal Bangladesh Bank, United Remit, International Money Express, Krishi Premura, Easy link Pvt. Ltd., Himalayan Bank, Prabhu Money Transfer, Bank of Kathmandu and many other locations where you see the MoneyGram sign.

Harsh Lambah, regional director South Asia, is excited with this launch and he feels that it will bring value both for his company and Nepal.

“We have well positioned our network in Nepal with a sizeable base of key bank agents including Himalayan Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal Bangladesh Bank and other key national money transfer companies including United Remit, Krishi Premura, International Money Express, Prabhu Money Transfer, Easylink Pvt. Ltd and Shiva Travels,’ This is his reaction.

This is a good initiative from MoneyGram International. Nepal can be a good market for them because many workers from this country have gone abroad and are working in Malaysia and the Middle East.

(This entry was originally published on April 2009.)

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