Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monsoon Rain Come Soon: Please!

I have been suffering from the hot weather for the last one weak and I have become weak and sick. Today was 21 June 2009 and rainy season in Bangladesh according to calendar has started a week ago. However, still there is no rain. I was taking a look at the weather forecast of BBC and it showed that this week, everyday should be full of “Heavy Rain Shower” including today. I hope tomorrow becomes better or may be Tuesday.

I live in one of the most populous cities on earth. Many people living in big cities have no relationship with nature and I am one of them. However, this late coming of rain should remind all of us that nature is alive. I remember very well that just 20-25 years ago, the weather was much more tolerable in my city because there were much more trees in the country.

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