Monday, June 8, 2009

NEC in Bangladesh and Alfred Tan Interview

This is another interview that I did in 2005. I know that it is an old interview but it should give you some information about NEC presence in Bangladesh. It was published in Computer Bichitra Magazine.

NEC is a Japanese ICT company and it has worldwide presence. NEC is always keen to invest in research and development (R&D) and it is always trying to make the life of the consumers and business organizations easier through inventing new technology. It is very strong in the laptop(Notebook), brand PC and servers and a strong feature of its products is the fact that its computers can provide very high performance for both the consumers and business organizations while at the same time they save electricity compared to the products of many other brands. It is a market leader in Japan and this company takes its Asian market very seriously. It is also present in the Bangladesh through its partner, Navana Computers, one of the oldest ICT companies in Bangladesh. Recently, Alfred Tan, sales director, Developing Market Group of NEC visited Bangladesh and held important meetings with business partners, government officials and attended a press conference. He gave an exclusive interview to Razib Ahmed of Computer Bichitra in which he talked about the products of NEC as well as NEC’s willing ness to support the ICT sector of Bangladesh:

Razib Ahmed: Tell us briefly about NEC.

Alfred Tan: NEC is a Japanese company and in the Asia Pacific region, we are a very strong player in the technology market. We are focusing on Asia and in Bangladesh we are working in partnership with Navana Computers. We are the strongest in computing, in communication and entertainment in Japan. This claim has been supported by various international agencies like IDC. We are number 1 in only just selling products but also in terms of quality and providing support. Now we are going towards digital convergence. We want to deliver the premium products. We want to give the consumers the best quality and value for their money. Through our products, services and our partners we want to give the best to our customers. We always maintain an International standard in our products and services. We have proved it again and again all over the world.

Razib Ahmed: Why have you selected Navana as your partner?

Alfred Tan: As you know, Navana is a trusted name in Bangladesh and it has performed at the highest level for years after years. As I told you earlier that we like to ensure the best service and support to our customers. We have seen for the last two years that Navana has tried to keep up the standard that we want from them. However, we are just here not to do business only. We like to contribute to the society and I mean my words in this regard. Soon, you will see some examples of our social commitment in Bangladesh. We have almost finalized some projects that would contribute to the development of Bangladesh.

Razib Ahmed: What is your goal in Bangladesh? What are the products that you will focus in the Banglaldeshi market?

Alfred Tan: As I told you that we never compromise on quality and standard. We like to introduce the same standard in Bangladesh. We like to work not with Bangladeshi standard but we like to bring Japanese standard-the international standard to Bangladesh. We are already in the Bangladeshi market for the last two years. Now, we want to make our position stronger here. We will focus on servers and notebooks here. Here I like to say something about our products. If you visit our website then you would find out that we invented the water cooling technology. The technology has revolutionized the computer industry. This way, the processors get cooled very quickly and easily. Considering the fact that Bangladesh is a hot country it will be a good thing. On the other hand, this technology saves a lot of power and at the end of the month, it can save your electric bill significantly. This again can be blessing for Bangladesh. This technology can enhance the performance of a server substantially. Our servers are the best and they have high quality too. The best aspect of our server is that if you want to change any parts then you don’t have to shut down the server. So, it never stops working.

Razib Ahmed: I hope you know that the market of Bangladesh is highly price sensitive. What are you thinking about it?

Alfred Tan: Yes, we are fully aware of this reality. However, let me tell you one thing very clearly. Although initially, NEC servers may sound a bit expensive as we focus on maintaining highest standard, within a few years, the customers discover that NEC servers may sound a bit expensive as we focus on maintaining highest standard, within a few years, the customers discover that NEC servers are much cost effective than other servers because in other servers when you want to add something you have to take license again. But in our server, you don’t need it. The reality is that you are paying a price anyway. You judge the price of a product on the basis of its performance. For example, a bank has no choice but to install the latest technology and the choice is up to them whether they like to present their customers the safest and best technology in the market or they want to go for a cheap solution only to save money. We are not here only with expensive products. For the consumers, we have got laptops in the price range below $1000.

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