Monday, June 15, 2009

Nepal to look to South Asia for Boosting Tourism

I always dream to travel to Nepal and Bhutan. Nepal has perhaps 7 of the top mountain peaks on the world and it is also the birth place of Lord Buddha. Well, I even live in a neighboring country of Nepal- Bangladesh. I know that many people from my country visits Nepal each year for tourism. Still, I have not noticed any significant effort from Nepalese government to attract Bangladeshi tourists. I mean, I have never seen any promotional activity in my city from Nepalese government.

I guess that Nepalese government officials and private companies were happy until now to have more tourists from Europe and America than neighboring countries like Bangladesh. Of course, a tourist from USA would spend much more money than I can afford to. The economic recession is hurting the tourism sector of the country and that is why, Nepalese decision makers are now contemplating on the idea of attracting more tourists from South Asian countries and China.

In fact, Nepal is going to promote its tourist attractions aggressively in some Indian cities to attract from visitors from India. In fact, the government has come up with a new tourism policy with the goal of diversifying the industry in the country.

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(This entry was originally published in March 2009.)

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