Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nokia offers Bangla Ovi Mail in Bangladesh

In my own city, I am a freelance ICT or IT (Information Technology) journalist. I have been a IT journalist for 10 years and thus, I have written many of the things related to this sector both in my country and abroad in the last one decade. Today, I received a press release about Bangla Ovi Mail of Nokia in Bangladesh. I am giving the press release here:

Access to internet can now be easy and affordable for everyone in Bangladesh as Nokia and Banglalink join hands to connect the unconnected with an attractive offer. Consumers purchasing Nokia 2323 classic, Nokia 2330 classic, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic or Nokia 7210 can set up and start using their Ovi email account ( directly on their mobile phone.

As part of the offer, banglalink desh subscribers will also get unlimited internet browsing absolutely free for the first month. After the first month, the unlimited access will be priced at BDT 650 per month.

The offer will be launched from June 15, 2009.

Bangladesh has one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in Asia. With very low PC penetration and fixed telephone lines, the access to Internet through mobile phones is the most feasible and affordable option. “We are pleased to bring in the first mobile email in Bangla through Ovi Mail. Ovi Mail has the potential to be the first digital identity for many people in Bangladesh. Unlike most other email services, an Ovi Mail account can be created and used directly on a Nokia device without ever having to use a PC” commented Nowfel Anowar, Head of Marketing, Nokia Emerging Asia.

According to extensive Nokia consumer research, nearly half of the emerging market customers state that they would rather connect to the Internet over a mobile phone than a PC. Ovi Mail and the new range of affordable devices aim to extend the power of the Internet to Bangladesh so that everyone can have access to the wealth of information and entertainment on the World Wide Web.

Ovi Mail is a secure and spam-free personal email service designed especially for Nokia Series 40 devices. Mobile phone users who have any of the more than 40 Ovi Mail-optimized devices can set up their email account for free within a few minutes, and start using the account right away. They can choose to create a new Ovi Mail account or activate email for an existing Ovi sign-on profile.

Furthermore, Bangla user interface in the Nokia handsets enables them to easily set up their email account following the instructions in Bangla. They can also input their username and passwords in Bangla and write emails using Bangla fonts.

The unlimited internet offer from Banglalink would allow consumers to browse the internet, communicate with friends and family, access information, news, entertainment as well as share thoughts through favorite social networks. “This is definitely a beneficial partnership for us – Banglalink internet will allow fast, effortless and easy access to the web at very affordable prices” said Solaiman Alam, Head of PR & Communications & M-Commerce, Banglalink.

By introducing products and services that are affordable, relevant and easy-to-use, Nokia aims to fuel the growth of the Internet in Bangladesh and act as a catalyst to Bangladesh’s digital transformation.


  1. how can i get free offer

  2. Crap.. Beating own drums... Grameen phone is giving internet more cheap.. even Citicell... 650/- Taka.. huh... Yeah Ovi Mail is undoubtedly a stand apart product for Banglalink... But I think its kinda "Doodh er shaad ghol e metano'r moto"... Banglalink can't offer MMS for pre-paid connection thats why all these fuss..!!!

  3. Banglalink & Internet ???..... This sounds very odbhoot (peculiar). How they are calling their cheapest, torn off, patched GPRS service as Internet when their network coverage is still below the least level. They should have been ashamed. In this case, Grameen Phone & Citycell are 10 times better than Banglalink. The only positive sign they have set up in this country's mobile sector is call rate. Though, considering their low standard of service the call rate is not low, rather it is high you can say.

  4. Yes ovi mail is great.

    But our phone operator should reduce internet charge so that more people can use it.

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