Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Outsourcing: From India to Ireland and Australia?

It is not that I am an expert on outsourcing but I have been covering this topic for 3 years and thus, I feel that I have some knowledge about this topic. That is why, I really get shocked when I see this kind of media headlines: Outsourcing: Bye bye Chennai, g’day Brisbane

From the title, you can understand that the report stated that India will have bad time for outsourcing while cities like Brisbane will be ideal place for it in future. Another city that will shine a lot is Belfast of Northern Ireland. KPMG has listed 31 cities that will shine in future as potential outsourcing hubs of tomorrow. Some of the cities are situated in India: Nagpur, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. I find it almost impossible to believe that Brisbane and Belfast will become more lucrative destinations for outsourcing compared to Mumbai and Chennai. I find it difficult to accept because do some search in Google and try to find out the expense of living in cities like Mumbai and Chennai and then compare it with living expense of cities like Brisbane and Belfast.

US and European companies came to outsourcing because of cutting cost by sending jobs in cheap Indian cities.

(This entry was first published in February 2009. Because of a technical problem, the entry had to be deleted and I am reposting again now.)

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