Friday, June 19, 2009

Pakistan in Need of Generating A lot of Electricity

It is the same picture in everywhere in South Asia. Pakistan is also suffering from electricity problem. In fact, what I understand is that the impact of power shortage is even more severe for the people than the neighboring countries because, in this region, Pakistan has the warmest climate during summer and perhaps least amount of rainfall. So, for the ordinary people, it is a very bad thing to suffer. The other day, there was a power failure in total scale in the city of Karachi and it brought a lot of suffering for everyone.

Now, Pakistan government is contemplating on the idea of generating a lot of electricity within the next 5-6 years. Well, unless you can invest a lot of money, generating electricity in short time is simply impossible. So, Pakistan government is hoping to attract foreign investment. The government officials should focus on improving the security conditions in the country. Secondly, they should allocate more funds for the power sector.

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