Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pakistan Moves to Final of Twenty20 World Cup 2009

The match has just finished write now and Pakistan has won it by 7 runs. As a result, they are in the final of Twenty20 World Cup 2009. This is the second time that the country is playing in the final of T20 World Cup. In 2007, they did it in South Africa but lost to India and thus became runners up. This matter broke the heart of millions of fans in the country. This time, they are praying that their team can win the trophy.

Pakistan batted first and scored 149 runs for 4 wickets from their 20 overs. They started well but then lost their way. I have to give a lot of credit to South African bowlers and fielders. At one stage, it seemed to me that Pakistan would score at least 170 runs but in the last 5 overs, South Africa came back very strongly.

On the other hand, South Africa struggled from the first and they never looked very confident of getting the mere 150 runs. Well, the main credit goes to the Pakistani bowlers as they always exerted pressure on the South African batsmen. In the end, South Africa could score 142/5 and was 9 runs short.

The opponent of Pakistan will be decided in the semifinal match of Sri Lanka vs West Indies. I am expecting Sri Lanka to move to the final and then we may watch a South Asian final in T20 World Cup 2009. Here, I like to remind the readers that in 2007, there was an all South Asian final.

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