Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pakistan vs South Africa T20 Semifinal Live in Star Cricket TV Channel

If you want to get the live score and updates of the first semi final match between Pakistan and South Africa, then visit the following link:

Pakistan vs South Africa T20 Live Online Updates:18 June 2009

Tomorrow, by this time, perhaps, we will know the result that who would go to the final of Twenty20 World Cup 2009. This is a crucial T20 match for both of them and I do not need to remind you that whoever loses will be out of the competition. I wish that in World Cup Cricket events, ICC starts the arrangement to arrange 3rd place decider match. It happens to World Cup football arranged by FIFA. What is the problem for ICC? They can get extra one match and that means more TV revenue from live telecast. And, tomorrow, you can watch the match between Pakistan and South Africa live in Star Cricket TV channel.

I guess that in Pakistan the channel is PTV. If you are in Bangladesh then BTV should be your channel. However, from Bangladesh, many people have access to Star Cricket. A big tragedy for Star Cricket is that because of exit of Indian team, very few people in India would bother to watch the match between South Africa and Pakistan. In fact, most of the people who would be in front of their TV sets tomorrow would want that Pakistan loses to South Africa. India and Pakistan are arch rivals in any sports.

On the other hand, I assume that tomorrow, millions of Pakistanis around the world would be glued in front of the TV sets. Their cricket team was out of action for a long time and this a good opportunity for them to come back strongly.

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  1. pakistan is best team in world i proud to be pak team pakistan zindabad & pak inshallaha win this world t 2o