Friday, June 19, 2009

Second Journey for South Asia Blog

I am happy that South Asia Blog is back again. A few days ago, I fell into some technical problems with this blog and I had to go to Blogger hosting from of Google instead of shared hosting plus WordPress. All the content of the blog got deleted and then I had to repost them one by one. Well, since I was doing it too fast, Google marked this blog as a spam. I appealed to Google and they removed the mark. Earlier today, I could upload the last entry from the past. So, it is back to business again.

South Asia is my most favorite topic because I live in this part of the world. In fact, with this blog, I had a dream start and dream run. Within just 5 months, it reached to Page rank 5 and got linked by some really quality websites and blogs. Then, the unexpected and unseen happened. The success in good traffic caused a problem in the hosting as a lot of people suddenly visited this blog at the same time. So, I moved to Blogger hosting of Google and now, I hope that I can focus on the thing I like best- writing.

I welcome you again to this blog and like to thank all of you for reading it.

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