Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry for all the Troubles to South Asia Blog

If you are a visitor to this blog then you must have noticed that Google has put some kind spam filter for this blog. It caught me by surprise because if you are a regular visitor then you must have noticed that we always try our best to provide quality content and as a result, South Asia Blog has been linked by some good blogs and websites. Within just 5 months, it reached to Google Page Rank of 5 which is an amazing achievement for a blog within such a short time.

So, you may wonder that what happened to this blog? What happened is that there was some problem about hosting of the blog and in the past it was based on WordPress. I decided to transfer the blog to Google’s blogger hosting and unfortunately, there is no easy way to do so. I wish that I was a techie but I am not and so, last night, I had to delete all the entries and then transferred the blog to Google Blogger hosting and started to report my entries. I guess that I was reposting the entries much faster than I should have. So, Google has now put some kind of filter that any visitor has to pass.

I have already appealed to Google and hopefully this problem should end within the next day or two. I am deeply sorry for all the trouble. I really hope that this problem finishes within the shortest possible time. I also feel sorry for many people who are coming for the information they are searching but then finding it difficult to find it.

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