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Maruti Ritz Reviews in Different Websites

(This entry was originally posted on May 2009.)

On May 15, 2009, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), the largest car maker in India launched its latest hatchback car Maruti Ritz. Maruti Ritz is the fifth global model launched by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. after Swift, Grand Vitara, SX4 and A-Star. In September 2006, at the Paris Motor Show, Suzuki presented a concept of the company’s future production concept, “Project Splash.” It received positive response which motivated Akira Kamio and his team to develop Ritz.

India is one of the emerging markets for auto mobiles. Small cars are very much popular in India. Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) is one of the pioneers of small cars in India. The company produced Maruti Suzuki 800, the first mass produced small car in India which revolutionized the Indian auto industry. Though the car needs some major upgrades, it is still the first choice of many Indian families. With the rising economy, taste of Indian people has also changed. Instead low priced small cars, they are now looking for small cars, that looks sporty, stylish, and offer lots of comfort features. With that end in mind, Maruti Suzuki launched Maruti Ritz. Here is a review of Maruti Ritz from different websites: gives Maruti Ritz a ratings of four out of five. It says:

Unlike traditional hatchbacks, the rear end has allowed for a thicker C-pillar and made provision for a smaller quarter glass that is not very different from the Swift. With an overall width of 1.68 metres, the Ritz is 8cm wider than the Wagon R+. Smartly shaped headlights give it a friendly appearance, and they combine with a trapezoidal grille to form a “face” that reflects the new Suzuki family identity.

The Suzuki brand emblem proudly takes its place in the centre of the grille, and the entire front end of the car incorporates energy-absorbing structures for pedestrian protection.

Maruti Suzuki offers lots of interior space. Four people can easily fit and if necessary there is room for one more. The rear sits are set higher than the front seats so that all the occupants can get a good view. says:

The large hatchback segment is proliferating and Maruti Suzuki being the small car segment leader has cleverly engineered the Ritz to be bang on the money keeping in mind its likely rivals already on the market as well as those which it will have to deal with in the coming month! Already the Swift encounters competition in the form of the Hyundai i20 and the Skoda Fabia at the upper end of the spectrum while others like the brilliantly conceived Tata Indica Vista resides along side it.

The Maruti Ritz is fitted with K12M engine which follows the BS-IV emission norm. says:

The roomy Maruti Ritz runs on K12M which is 1197 cc low-weight all-aluminum 4-cylindered engine (4 valves a cylinder) integrated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The engine does 85 PS of power at 6000 rpm and torque will be 113 Nm @ 4500rpm – implying Ritz can fly on roads, I mean it! FLY ON ROADS. The K12M engine also gives pretty low emissions so its the earth lovers’ car. The ground clearance is raised by over 30mm as compared to its international clone Splash so to make it suitable for the pothole laden Indian road conditions. says:

Under the hood of the gasoline version is Maruti’s new 1.2-liter K-series four-cylinder engine, rated at 85 horsepower and 84 pound-feet of torque. The diesel is the same exceptional Fiat 1.3 Multijet, delivering 74 hp and 140 lb-ft.

With a stiff chassis and a well-engineered suspension, the Ritz tackles Indian roads with aplomb. Maruti has raised and softened the suspension on the Ritz more than on the Swift, which translates into better comfort, even on poor surfaces. Whereas the softer Ritz doesn’t feel as enthusiastic to drive as the Swift, it is leagues better than Maruti’s other tall boy, the Wagon R. says:

Maruti A-Star is a type from the group of ‘end of the life vehicle’ (ELV), it would provide better comfort for four sitters, and can also accommodate five. The expected price range of Maruti Ritz is between Rs.4-5 lakh.These parts include steering wheel, gear knob, door handles and the indicator switches. It is expected that the New Maruti Ritz will be available in two different petrol engines and other is a single diesel engine. For the available two petrol engines of the car one is available in 1000cc displacement with 65 bhp available in 3-cylinder etc, says:

The Ritz has been described by Suzuki as a multi-utility vehicle that will likely appeal to those with small families and a limited budget. The car may replace the Wagon R, though Maruti is yet to confirm that. The car shall also come with Maruti Suzuki’s standard set of safety features like ABS, airbags, brake assist, etc some of which may be trimmed for India, to keep costs into consideration. Also the engine & transmission options may vary for India for the petrol versions. Ritz is going to be yet another winner form Suzuki, after Swift, SX4 and the Swift Dzire. says:

Maruti Ritz can be called a roomy car for four passengers. However, seating five is not really a problem unlike the Alto.The height although lesser than WagonR gives very good head room.

Storage for The front console includes a flip lid box, a glove compartment and a tray.The hatch is smaller though but it has a hidden space for the spare wheel just like the Swifts.

The Congress led UPA has just come to power and it brought major stability and assurance among the business community. Today, the Indian sharemarket observed its record high surge. The Congress which was previously in power will continue with its economic reform. It will attract more foreign investment and focus on economic growth. Well, at this moment, it is not possible to say what will happen but the hope is there and Maruti Ritz have to make the best use of it and it has all the elements to do so.

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  1. ritz is a very cool car..i just bought VDi model.its pick up and power combo is has got ample space for a small family.running cost of diesel is also very advice to all you planning to buy this car is that please buy Ritz!!!