Sunday, June 28, 2009

USA vs Brazil FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 Final: Live Updates

Brazil has won the match and is the winner of Confederations Cup 2009

USA (2) -------------- Brazil (3)

90+3 minutes: Brazil has won the match by 3-2

90 minutes: Now, just 3 minutes stoppage time

87 minutes: USA got a corner.

84 minutes: Bad luck for USA. Brazil has scoired the 3rd goal and now leading by 3-2

80 minutes: 80miunutes gone. Brazil had 58% match possession so far

77 minutes: Brazil wants to finish the game in 90 minutes

74 minutes: Brazil has scored the second goal and now score is 2-2

73 minutes: Time is running out for Brazil

69 minutes: Lucio of Brazil shown yellow card

66 minutes: USA now came close to a goal. The shot was saved by Brazlian goalkeepr.

63 minutes: brazil is playing much better now. They are coming with one after another attack.

60 minutes: bad luck for brazil. THe ball hit the bar and did not enter to goal. BraZLIAN PLAYERS appealed that the ball went inside the line but refree not interested.

56 minutes: ANother impressive attack from Brazilbut Howard is the savior for USA again

52 minutes: Lovely attack from USA but Brazilian defense held on and then counter attack and Howard is again hero for USA

49 minutes: USA on attack now.

46 minutes: Brazil has scored a goal. USA is still leading 2-1

45 minutes: It is half time. Come after few minutes for second half updates.

43 minutes: Brazil on attack but US defense is holding on. Goalkeeper Howard is the hero tonight

40 minutes: 40 minutes gone and USA is leading by 2-0

36 minutes: USA got a freekick from dangeros position and now a corner

33 minutes: NO team is dominating at the moment

30 minutes: USA came agnozingly close to the third goal. Bad luck that they did not get it

28 minutes: What a goal. USA has scored the second goal. USA leading by 2-0

25 minutes: Brazilian player Mellow now shown yellow card

22 minutes: Good attack from Brazil and then counter attack from USA

19 minutes: FIrst yellow card of the match shown to Carlos (3) of USA.

17 minutes: USA on attack. WHat an exciting match. Both the teams are playing good football

13 minutes: Very good attack from Brazil. Robinho almost scored a goal but US goalkeeper came with the best save of the match

10 minutes: USA has scored the first goal of the match. Can you believe it? USA is leading by 1-0. Clint Dempsy (8) scored the goal.

7 minutes: Brazil got a corner but poorly taken

5 minutes: USA players are here with do or die mentality and is not giving Brazil an inch without a fight

1 minutes: The match just started. Be with us for live updates. USA had an attack but nothing happened

The much-anticipated final match of Confederations Cup 2009 between USA and Brazil will kick off from 18:30 GMT. Here, in this entry we will be giving you live score with text commentary of the match. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the match.

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  1. Go USA!! Oh nvm BRAZIL won.. :( But nice playing USA!! And those 2 goals were really good goals!