Thursday, July 30, 2009

British Council outsourcing to India

British council is one of the things that are considered to be a symbol of British nationalism or it gives an identity to the country of Great Britain. It has branches in many countries of the world and the news that it may outsource some jobs to India or another country has made many workers very angry. It has also made many trade union leaders angry because they feel that it is a betrayal of Prime Minister’s policy to keep British job within England.

However, I think that it is an inevitable because all the companies in the world are now trying to save their operating cost. Of course British council gets the money from British government and it is not a company but we have to remember that they have to work within their budget and whatever they can save is good for them. So, I am not surprised with this outsourcing news. However, I wish that a thorough study is done about outsourcing because when British workers will loss job in large number that can cause damage to the British economy and cause social unrest.

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