Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dhaka: It is Raining Cats and Dogs at Last

It is now 2:15 AM and for the last 15 minutes or more, it really has been raining heavily. The last few days were too much hot and all people suffered. Today, there was some rain at noon but it was only for few minutes. Well, this year (2009), I cannot remember heavy rain continuing for whole day or whole night. For the last few weeks, people across Bangladesh are crying and praying for some water to fall from the sky. The condition is like drought and it is too bad for the farmers. The Indian farmers are suffering from the same problem and many farmers are arranging frog wedding out of desperation.

There is no doubt that climate is changing. Many people in USA think otherwise. I wish that they could come here and live in my city for one month. Then some of them would at least have changed their mind. As for ‘cats and dogs’- this is a idiom that we memorized in our school days. Today, all the time, I sweated despite having two fans in my room. Now, there is heavy rain and cool and pleasant wind.

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Rain is good but I am worried that tomorrow, in front of my home, in the street there will be a lot of water and it will be difficult for me to go out.

Update: It is now 2:30 PM and still raining heavily.

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