Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sri Lanka: No Mobile Phone in School

In most countries in the world, mobile phone operators feel that it is the young generation who is their main customer. They have this feeling because young people try to adapt to new technology more than their elders. Sri Lanka is not an exception either. It has mobile phone penetration rate of over 50% and this is a good market for any company. So, the operators have brought this technology to the hand of teenagers and this has caused some problems in some schools. Many teenagers are getting addicted to their phone sets and what happened was that a teacher scolded a girl severely for talking to a boy with her cell during school time. This matter made the girl very sad and she committed suicide. Another student tried to kill himself. So, the government officials have become worried and have banned carrying cell phones in school.

Well, I do not support this decision because for working parents whose children go to school every day, mobile phone is a very important device to stay connected. So, what Sri Lankan government is doing in fact is like cutting off the head because headache pain.

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