Saturday, August 22, 2009

22 August 2009 Live Updates: Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United

(Wigan Athletic-0 / Manchester United-4)

90+3 minutes: Manchester United scored another goal and won the match by 5-0

90 minutes: Just 3 minutes of added time now. Wigan uspotres leaving already

85 minues: Owen has got the fouth goal for Man Utd

83 minutes: Will there be any more goal now

78 minutes: Players are excited now. Wigan played number is angry as he was hurt by a fowl.

71 minutes: Change of player and Rooney goes out of the field. Owen comes

67 minutes: Another goal and Man Utd is leading by 3-0

62 minutes: Change of player for Wigan

58 minutes: Barbatov scored a superb goal and Man Utd is now leading by 2-0

56 minutes: At last a goal for Manchester United and Rooney is the man. United leading by 1-0

53 minutes: Good attack from Wigan now Man Utd on attack

50 minutes: Man Utd players wanted a penalty but refree not interested

46 minutes: The seocnd half started. Be with usf or live updates

come back within a few minutes

Half time and score is 0-0

44 minutes: Freekick for Man utd

42 minutes: Still goalless and Wigan players now more confident

38 minutes: Corner for Man Utd but nothing happened

34 minutes: Rooney has lost touch today.

31 minutes: Another good attack from Wigan

28 minutes: Wigan looking dangerous at this moment

24 minutes: rare but good attack from Wigan

20 minutes: Still goalless in the first 20 minutes

17 minutes: No goal yet. manchster united has got a corner

12 minutes: Another good attack from Man utd but nothing happened

8 minutes: Man utd is playing much better. Paul Scholes missed an easy opportunity

4 miutes: Good attack from man Utd. Good luck for WIgan not suffering the goal

0 minute: The match has just started.

The match will start at 15:00 BST (British Summer Time). So, still some few minutes left. We will try to provide live updates of the match.

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