Saturday, August 8, 2009

After 7 Months of South Asia Blog

Time really is flying. I started this blog in January, 2009 and how fast it has become seven month old. I have a number of blogs but I feel that right now, this is the most successful one for me. It is perhaps natural because I live in south Asia and I have been blogging about this field for more than three and half years. Well, unfortunately in the last one month, we could not work on the blog as we expected and unfortunately, I have been personally suffering from a number of problems in my personal life.

At this moment, I’m sick and weak and it is very difficult for me to concentrate on updating his website. I’m optimistic about making a quick recovery and again be back to my complete strength very soon. For the time being, I request all of the regular visitors to be some patient and give us some time to come back strongly.

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