Friday, August 21, 2009

Angene Dianne Croes wants to make her country proud by winning Miss Universe 2009

Miss Aruba

Name: Angene Dianne Croes

Age: 22

Fluent in: Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish, English.

There are those who work hard to become a beauty queen and there are those who are destined to become a beauty queen. It was destiny that brought Angene Dianne Croes to Miss World 2009. One afternoon she was shopping at a supermarket and she was approached at that time. Dianne became very much thrilled. She never thought of becoming a beauty queen. She was preparing to go to the Netherlands for higher studies but she decided to join the beauty pageant. Now, she is in the Bahamas competing with 83 other most beautiful contestants for Miss Universe 2009. For Dianne it is “once in a lifetime experience” and a great opportunity to represent her country in front of the world. Aruba is a small island and a very beautiful country with friendly people and vibrant culture. Angene’s beauty reflects that beauty of Aruba. Her natural beauty and smile would win over the hearts of everybody around her. The one person who encouraged Angene to participate in the beauty contest was her mother. By winning Miss Universe 2009, Angene would fulfill her mother’s dreams. Unfortunately, her mother passed way which was the most tragic event of her life.

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