Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arjun Rampal launched his own restaurant in Delhi

Party goers of Delhi now have a new place to crash in. Yes, actor Arjun Rampal, on August 28, 2009, launched his new plush lounge called LAP in Delhi. Many famous Bollywood celebrities including Hrithik Roshan and wife Suzanne Khan, Shahrukh Khan attended the launching ceremony. So, what is cool about the LAP? Well, it is a safe place for women to hang around. Here’s what Arjun Rampal said at a press conference on August 29, 2009:

'Today, if you look around at other clubs, people just come from anywhere and everywhere. They have opened their doors for everyone. The problem with that is that female partying gangs feel uncomfortable and not at all safe. But with this constraint, I want every women who comes here to feel safe,'

'A lot of thought process has gone behind the point whether we should make it exclusive club or not. But then we decided that it would be one of those few places where like-minded people meet. Also, it would be an aspirational factor for those who can't afford to be its members right now,'

Arjun Rampal, in collaboration with famous restaurateur, A.D. Singh, owns the lounge. The 17,000 sq feet lounge is located in Samrat Hotel. It’s designed has been inspired from the Victorian era.

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