Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arsenal vs Celtic Live Score and Preview: CL Qualifying 2009-10

Arsenal vs Celtic match of 26 August is perhaps not the dream match of many Gunners fan but this time, they should be in happy mood because their club has opened the season in the best possible way so far. They played 3 matches and won all 3 of them, scored 12 goals and suffered just 2. What is perhaps admirable is that in 2 of the 3 matches, they were the away team. So, they have some kind of strength and consistency so far. That is why, hardly anyone is worried for tomorrow’s match in London.

If you are a Celtic fan then perhaps you have already given up hope. It is almost impossible to score 3 goals against the Gunners at the Emirates. Celtic Coach feels that it is not a lost cause and it is still possible to do the impossible thing tomorrow night at the Emirates stadium. Well, I am not hopeful and I know that hardly anyone in the Celtic camp is hopeful. If really Celtic can score 3 goals tomorrow then I must admit that it will be one of the biggest miracles in football history of this decade.

Mirror Football reported:

Arsenal’s 2-0 first leg win at Parkhead makes them massive favourites to claim their berth in the Champions League group phase.

But after Mowbray’s Bhoys overturned a 1-0 deficit to triumph at Dinamo Moscow, the Celtic chief insisted his men can stun Arsene Wenger and the Emirates.

Mowbray, who will restore Aidan McGeady and Scott McDonald to his starting side, said: “We’re not going to paint it as anything other than difficult but it’s all about trying to score the first goal, because that will be crucial.

Well, I want to say that Arsenal players should feel complacent about tomorrow’s match. Yes, they are playing well and it is good. They should be confident but should not become over confident. They should not under estimate Celtic because in the first leg, the two goals that Arsenal got both of them came out of luck. It is true that they played better than the Scottish side but I think that luck helped them more. Celtic is a very experienced club in European Football. They even won the championship and in 1967 they won the European Cup and I do not need to remind the readers that Arsenal still could not do it.

At this moment, it appears to me that injury will pose a bigger problem for Wenger tomorrow than Celtic. Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott, Lukasz Fabianski, Samir Nasri and Johan Djourou are already out of action due to injury and more than everything, captain Cese Fabregas is also injured and cannot take part in tomorrow’s match.

Reuters reported:

The 22-year-old Spain midfielder, who excelled in the 2-0 first-leg win at Celtic Park on August 18, suffered a hamstring injury in the Premier League game with Portsmouth on Saturday.

"His scan was quite reassuring as he has no muscular strain but it will take a few days to settle down," Wenger was quoted as saying on the official Arsenal website (www.arsenalfc.com).

Fabregas could also miss the Premier League clash with champions Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday, though Wenger remained optimistic he could play a part.

Yes, Arsene Wenger has to think of the upcoming match against Manchester Untied on this Saturday too. He will hope that tomorrow, Celtic will not give too much trouble and his boys will have a comfortable match. This way, they will be fresh for Saturday against Manchester United.

Now, let us discuss that who will win tomroorw? If you ask my opinion then I would say that Arsenal will easily win the match. Even I don’t think that it will be a draw. If the Gunners do not win the match then I will be shocked.

The match will be telecast live in Ten Sports TV Channel in my part of the world. As for live score, several websites provide live score and updates and I am giving names of some of them:

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So, enjoy the match and come to this blog again.

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