Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bangladesh: Earthquake Felt Again in Dhaka

I think that it was 4:45 Bangladesh Standard (Daylight Saving) Time (GMT+7) and an earthquake again happened. It is very late at night and most people are sleeping. Last night, another earthquake hit and it originated in the Andaman Sea. Tonight, I felt the quake only for 5-6 seconds but I felt it more strongly compared to last night. I was sitting in my chair and table and it moved a bit. In my life, I cannot remember the experiences of many earthquakes. What I can say is that I felt most strongly tonight.

I am sure now that it was an earthquake as I can find confirmation in the website: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/dyfi/events/us/2009keby/us/index.html
It originated in the border of India and Myanmar. It was an earthquake of magnitude of 5.4. So, it was milder compared to that of last night. That is why, I am some confused that why I became more afraid tonight. The only thing that I wish is that in my city, people can come to their good senses and become conscious about the possible damage a powerful earthquake can cause to a densely populated city like Dhaka.


  1. I felt it exactly around 4:45am Wednesday 12 AUG 2009 for more than 5 secs. I was asleep, also my father was awake in his room he said it is around 5 secs.

  2. i felt it too ! i felt the earthquake for some more time i think

  3. It is now reality that Dhaka city is red alert city about earthquake (as far recent happens and historic says). Government need to move for batter steps to save the people and collect more equipment to control the digester. People need more alert to know about it? PLease pls pls ...save the people...

  4. could we predict it or able to prevent? so pray to Allah to forgive us.

  5. Was it meant to wake up the people for sehri on the last day of Ramzan?

  6. everyone is blaming the Government for not taking necessary steps. But do they really give a sh**? i wonder if these two dumbfounded female leader would still be fighting if millions of people would die under the debris.

    Remember if a major earthquake strikes, there will be no government, no dhaka university, no buet, no hospital, no pride. Just debris and the helplessness of millions of people. how can we be so dumb for 100 of years? This land has produces thousands of engineers. did not they have the slightest vision of what would happen in the long run?

    If the people of this country, regardless of their political belief and background, have the slightest human brain left, they should take necessary actions ASAP.