Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangladesh: How to Find a Cooking Class in Dhaka?

Finding about cooking is very easy in Internet. If you search about recipes then you would immediately find almost everything you need to know. Well, it is not that easy when you want to find about cooking classes. I am a very lazy man when it comes to cooking. Perhaps the thing that I can make is sandwitch and smashed potato. Thanks to my wife, I recently learnt about making Bangladeshi rice (bhat). Anyway, the other day, I needed to search about cooking classes in Dhaka because I wanted to give the information to one of my students. So, I did my search in Google with the keyword learn cooking in dhaka and I could not find anything substantial.

I wanted to find out website url, physical addresses, telephone or mobile number or email of cooking institutions. The best thing I could find is a report in Daily Star: The Road to Chefdom

If you read them you will find names of some institutes but not their actual address. Well, I came to know that Tommy Miah’s Institute of Hospitality Managemen is situated in Mohammapur and in Dhanmondi there is Apon Ghor. Well the report was published on 2006 and I do not know if these two centers are yet in their mentioned places.

So, in the end, I realized that the best place to find information about cooking classes is the newspapers. I am a big fan of Internet but I realized that it will still be some years for us in Bangladesh that we can dream of finding this kind of small but necessary information in Internet.


  1. yea bro your absolutely right. me also couldnt find any anfo about cooking courses :( :(

  2. I am Mohammad Mamun Miah. I have earned graduation degree from arts group. my date of birth is: 9th April 1975.
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  3. this is outrageous!!! i just finished giving all the university admission tests (thank god that's over) and started to search for a place to learn cooking. i came up with N.O.N.E. :'( yup, digital bangladesh- u failed me. however, i know this homey place in dhanmondi lalmatia. the number is 9119614. the name of the house is 'boutique house'. there's a woman here who teaches how to cook some stuffs- u know, for beginners, not a professional training, i think. if u're interested, u could try to contact her. as for me- damn u bd!! >:(