Sunday, August 23, 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal 29 August 2009: Can it decide the Season?

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Manchester United and Arsenal Match Live Updates

Manchester United is going to entertain Arsenal in a very important match of the season. At this moment, both these clubs have same points although Manchester United played one match more. Arsenal won both of their matches while Manchester United lost one and won two. So, it is an important match and whoever wins will become confident in the league table.

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Manchester United vs Arsenal Preview, Live Score

There is perhaps no shortage of confidence among Arsenal supporters at this moment. IT seems that they have got some Midas touch in this season. They defeated Everton by 6-1 and yesterday, they demolished Portsmouth by 4-1. Well, Manchester United defeated Wigan by 5-1. So, it seems that both of them are in superb form. Well, you cannot count out Chelsea and Liverpool either. This time, Manchester City is also in explosive form. Arsenal will soon meet City too.

Well, I think that it is too early to say whether the outcome of this match can have any lasting effect on the final league table in this season or not. What I understand is that both the clubs will take this match very seriously.


  1. Yes I think it could decide the season. Arsenal are good but they must defeat Manchester United this week otherwise the blow to their psyche will be incredible. Normally a defeat of this nature wouldn't be as crippling, but with the Champions League semi finals fresh in their minds, this match is a must win for the gunners.

    I disagree about City, as I thought their finishing was a bit poor, and adaybayor was pretty lazy in even attempting to beat the offisdie trap. I don't think he's got it in him other than to sit and wait for the ball. Tevez looks like a monster, and steams through the defense like one too. City have lots of potential, and their match with Arsenal is also a test, but for both teams.

  2. It is obvious that manchester united will win.Some people say that because man u lost Ronaldo man u cannot win but this is not right.Every season each team loses some players. manchester united is destined to win and player transfer cannot stop it.MANCHESTER UNITED WILL WIN THE BARCLEYS PREMIER LEAGUE.

  3. well boy we will see then who will win im going for an arsenal win 2-0 mate arshavin scoring both goals mate, with no van der sar or rio or tevez or ronaldo your team will get muffed! PERIOD!

  4. im rocky robinson from new jersey,US.
    according to the way i see this match,manchester united are gonna beat arsenal in any way.we all know arsenal are hot at the moment but manchester united are more hungry at the moment.ARSENAL is living an ecstatic life at the moment...but manchester united are not even happy with thier results they obtained at the weekend...the only person united have to watchout for is .THE KID DENILSON nobody else...
    game will be played but at the end of the day man utd will be the favourites...(ppl lets not forget its at O.T)...
    i predict united to win by a 2-1 over arsenal
    arsenal will even score first to make it interesting...WE ALL HAVE TO WATCHOUT FOR CHELSEA PEOPLE...these guyz are gonna be a problem to break down...UNITED FOR EVER!!!!

  5. No Folks!! long long way to go.. am seeing arsenal nt stayin on the top 4 spot!! Mancity an Spurs relly to luk 4wd for.. Fingerz Crossed am Goin for manu 3-1

  6. Arsenal will beat Manchester United with 3-1 this is a fact!!! remember all of you!!

  7. What an amazing match right? Still the best 2 sides to watch.

    I'm backing Manchester to win but it must be said that Arsenal have a massive chip on their shoulders having not won any silverware where Manchester has been filling the cabinet.

    Tactically both teams and adjusting to losing very pivotal players. This will only make the game more interesting for us viewers! You just can't discount the quality in both teams - even after losing their top goal scorers respectively.

    Arsenal and Manchester seem to have a ying yang relationsip where Manchester favours a direct and sustained attacking approach Arsenal opts for the indirect, out passing strategy.

    Sounds like a perfect match.

    I think the key players in this match are going to be Arshavin as he has a talismanic effect on the Arsenal side and he distinguishes himself with his ability to create goals from virtually nothing.

    Manchester will be counting on the striking pair of Rooney and Berbatov. The supply to these two players will be key. This is probably why Ferguson will play Darren Fletcher ahead of Anderson. I think this game is going to be won and lost in the midfield.

    EPL totally kicks ass.

  8. Arsenal will win easily by scoring more than 3 goals and Man U will not be even able to break Arsenal defense with new boy Vermaelean n Gallas
    and Bakari Sagna n Clichy will not allow Valencia\Nani or JS park/Giggs into arsenal's defence where as in forward Eduardo,Van Persie n Arshavin will tell Man U who is going to be the Champions

  9. wel i m looking for the best performance of the ARSNAL team as they are in form best of luck team HUM JEETAN GA INSHA ALLAH

  10. i think this is going to be a very good where were going to see arshavin shines, and were going to seeb Adwardo in the defence of man u with Rio. were going to enjoy am going with arsenal to take it 3-1 go go gunners and do it

  11. arsenal players are in the best form this season
    arshavin is da 1 who will teach a reason 4 man u

  12. all arsenal sukers,don u people hav sense?manutd hav all potential to be a champion,tats y manutd hav been staying as s champion team sofar,utd hav devils to kill u arsene sukers,even we miss ronaldo,we hav great players who are totally different from arsene shits,utd's foot ball play having more quality than arsenal,utd hav great passing ability,covering grounds...u arsene people jus simply taste utd's shit.don compare the waste arsenal wit great champions manutd(RED DVILS)we wil killll u ..loll ahhh haaaaa