Friday, August 28, 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal live Telecast in ESPN TV Channel: 29 August 2009

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Manchester United and Arsenal Match Live Updates

This is perhaps the first acid test for Arsene Wenger and his young team. Until now, they have a flying start to the season. However, you must remember that tomorrow, they will have to face Manchester United in Old Trafford. It is a battle of two top performers this season. It is a battle between two of the best and long time serving coaches in English Premier League. What I feel is that the best thing for Wenger is that he has a team that was bought with much smaller budget than Manchester Untied. Yet, Wenger’s boys are now walking toe to toe with Alex Ferguson’s team. This is simply outstanding. Whether you like Wenger or not, you should give him a lot of credit.

This is a must watch match in television tomorrow for football fans around the world. Obviously, they would watch this match live in different TV channels in different parts of the world. In South Asia, it is ESPN India that will broadcast the Manchester United vs Arsenal match live for the viewers.

Saturday 29th August 2009

21:40 Live Barclays Premier League 2009/10

Match: Manchester United vs. Arsenal

This is written in website of ESPN Star.

The time is Indian Time. If you live in Bangladesh then you should add 1 and half hour to the mentioned time.

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