Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss Belgium Zeynep Sever will turn heads in Miss Universe 2009

Miss Belgium

Name: Zeynep Sever

Age: 19

Fluent in: French, English, Dutch, Turkish.

Height: 5’-10”

Home City: Brussels

Hobbies: Volleyball, swimming, and aerobics to stay fit.

Favorite dish: Moules frites or clams with French fries.

Favorite vacation destination: Bodrum, Turkey

Belgium is one of the founding nations of European unions. It was one of the largest trading nations of Europe.Zeynep Sever is not an average beauty but a true head turner. Nineteen year old Zeynep was born in Turkey on July 9, 1980 and came to Belgium with her mother at the age of twelve. Two years ago, she took part in Miss Turkey beauty pageant. Currently, she works at the tourism sector. Zeynep believes that her natural smile, friendly nature would maker her an exceptional person. Actress Monica Belluci is Zeynep’s favorite. She admires her for her achievements, strong character, talent and natural beauty. Zeynep loves to wear fashionable dresses like any other woman and her worst quality is that she likes too eat lots of sweets. Zeynep believes that the world would become a utopia if women were allowed to run the countries. Zeynep is very happy to come to the pageant. She has no regret if she loses because she already won a beauty pageant but it would be great if she wins an international beauty pageant.

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