Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 Live Updates

Miss Universe 2009 is Miss Venezuela Venezuela - Stefanía Fernández
Runners Up:
2nd Runner Up: Kosovo
3rd Runne Up; Australia
4th Runner Up: Porteu Rico
The result is coming now
The five girls are again walking for the last time one by one
The judges are busy making in final decision.
AGain time for break and hopefully after taht we will know the winner
Kosovo is answering about invasion of privacy of famous persons.
Miss Venezuela answering question about obstacles women face in many parts of the world. She answered that women have overcome many obstacles and women have become equal to men.
Miss Puerti Rico answering qustion of Rio Moro, Miss Universe 2007 Winner.
Miss Australia has been asked that in some countries women are not allowed to wear swiming suit. How does she feel? She said that body is a beautiful part of woman and they should be allowed to show it.
Miss Dominican Republic talking about AIDS Test being made compulsory. She thinks that it should be made compulsory so that it can save life.
Now, time for final questions for the contestants
Top 5

Kosovo - Marigona Dragusha

Venezuela - Stefanía Fernández

Puerto Rico - Mayra Matos

Australia - Rachael Finch

Dominican Republic - Ada de la Cruz

Now, time for Top 5 contestants after the break
Winner of Miss Photogenic is Thailand
Winner of Miss Congeniality 2009 is Miss China
Again showing some beautful places in Bahaman. THe places that the contestants went
The judges are saying something
Evening gown part finished.
Evening gown time. The girls are walking with a song.
Now, a brief description of the venue- the resort. It is a beautiful place but surely very expensive.
AGain a break and then the contestants will come in evening gown
So, you have the top ten finalists and one of them will be the winner of MIss Universe 2009 tonight
Now, top Ten Contestants:
South Africa
Dominican Republic
Czech Republic
Puerto Rico
Again time for break and then top ten will be announced
Bikinia part still going on.
The top 15 contestants are walking earning bikini one by one.
Now, all the girls in swimsuit and dancing with a song the lyric of which I cannot understand
Again advertisement break. It seems to me that the economic recession has affected the event a lot.
Some description of the host place Bahama.
Introducing the judges now.
SHe is singing while in TV, you can see the 15 top contestants in swimsuit.
Heidi Montag is now singing. What a terrible song.
If you are from India then bad news for you: Ekta Choudhary is not in the top 15
Heidi Montag is suppposed to sing soon.
Oh, no one from Asia in top 15?
Now Top 15:
Puerto Rico
Czech Reoublic
Dominican Republic
South Africa

Now, advertisement break
Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan are the hosts. They are welcomg everyone.
The girls are now dancing with music
They are introducing the girls too fast wtihin 5 seconds.
First, is introducing the all the contestants.
The event is starting.

The grand finale of Miss Universe 2009 will start shortly. Hopefully, we will be providing live updates here in this blog. So, be with us.


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