Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toss Hindi movie is not a thriller: Ramesh Khatkar

Toss is the debut movie of Ramesh Khatkar. Obviously, he is worried how his movie would do as it would release in theatres today. While talking about his first movie, Toss, Ramesh Khatkar said that Toss deals with the dynamics of human psyche. It shows the beliefs of a group of human beings and how they perceive things and how a small incident changed those ideals and what is the ultimate truth. The subject might seem quite complex but Ramesh is confident that the viewers will understand what he is trying to say. One India reports:

Toss as we know is a thriller what are your expectations from it?

Toss is not a thriller, I don't know how people started calling it a thriller. Its a movie which talks about the human relationship nature in everyday life. I would call it a relationship movie. The movie will surely connect well with the audience.

Toss Hindi movie brings together a bunch experienced and fresh actors. Ramesh is very much pleased with their performance. Aarti Chabria, Asmit Patel, Zakir Hussain, Rajpal Yadav and Mahesh Manjerekar were the experienced bunch and Shruti Gere, Madhurima Banerjee and Ranvijay were the new comers but they went along pretty good.

The outbreak of Swine Flu caused a major havoc in India. The Indian state Maharashtra saw the latest Swine Flu death. Regarding the movie release in Maharashtra, Ramesh said that he was very much worried as theatres in many places in Maharashtra were shut down but he is confident that the movie would do well.

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