Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why no Bollywood Movies Like Aashiqui anymore?

While writing about Indian economy and business, I have realized one thing- Bollywood movies and cricket are bigger than anything else in India. These two things touch the lives of almost all the people in the country. In fact, these two things are popular in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan too.

If you ask what is my most favorite Bollywood movie is- I would not take more than one second and my reply is Aashiqui. You can find more information about this movie here:


The story of the movie is very simple and the hero and the heroine were terrible. Direction was not good either. One thing touched me and millions of people in South Asia- music.

Wikipedia wrote:

Aashiqui is a 1990 Bollywood romance, particularly noted for its music. The film made the careers of Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal and Nadeem-Shravan.


The film was a huge commercial success mainly due to its music (rather than the movie itself) with the showings running to full houses. The audience came to the theaters only to enjoy the songs of the film.

The film was heavily criticized for it's lackluster performances and the undeveloped story. Further critism was garnered from the weakly written screenplay and the just about average direction.

It is one of the very few bollywood films which was a huge hit not because of the film but because of the film's music.

Yes, I really miss films like Aashiqui that could touch the heart of everyone with music only. I think that in the recent years, there is a serious lack of efforts by musiciains to develop nice music. Of course, directors and producers need to give more importance to this aspect too. I am putting the song “ab tere bin jeelenge hum” from YouTube here:

Enjoy it.

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