Friday, September 11, 2009

AMD to Make Display Just Like Human Eyes

When we watch something in computer monitor, the display is good but not exactly like our eyes. Even the most powerful graphics card and monitor and processor together cannot yet bring the virtual reality alive. This is one area that AMD wishes to change in future. Radeon graphics chips will be developed by the company and it will be very powerful.
Hopefully, It will be able to equip a PC with 268 times more capacity of clarity display compared to the current 19-inch LCD display.
I am quoting from an AMD Blog:
ATI Eyefinity is a new technology from AMD that transforms the relationship of the PC and the display. It opens the door to entirely new avenues for home computing and simplifies the deployment of many commercial solutions. In the existing home computing paradigm, one user employs one PC with one workspace spanning one or two monitors. In the age of ATI Eyefinity, the paradigm evolves.
There are at least three new use models availed or expanded by ATI Eyefinity. They modify the single-session | single person | single screen paradigm of old. The first I call Immersive, Panoramic Computing. Many displays for one person. The second and third I call Crowd Computing. Many displays for many people.
This is exciting news for everyone. It should boost morale of ADM workers and users. Well, these are very lofty goals and I hope that the company achieve them very soon. 

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