Saturday, September 5, 2009

Argentina and Brazil Match Live Updates: 5 September 2009

Argentina (1) vs Brazil (3)

Brazil has qualified for World Cup 2010 in South Afirca with this victory, while Argentina has to depend on their performnace in the coming matches.

93 minutes: Brazil won the match 3-1 as the final whistle came.

90 minutes: Messi free kick did not cause any problem for Brazil.

89 minutes: Another corner for Argentina, Veron took it, but was deflected by a Brazilian player.

87 minutes: Corner for Argentina, well taken, but the Brazilian keper was alert.

84 minutes: Argenitn had an attack, then Brazil went on a counter attack. Now, Ramires showen yellow card.

80 minutes: Argentina had a very good attack, but the shot went wide off the target.

77 minutes: Adriano came in, Fabiano went out.

76 minutes: Dani Alves took an excellent free kick that went just wide off the bar.

73 minutes: Argentina missed perhaps the best chance of the second half. How he failed to beat the Brazil keeper in one to one situation!

70 minutes: Corner for Brazil.

67 minutes: Fabiano scored anotehr excellent goal as Brazil is leading 3-1 now.

65 minutes: Argentina scored as Datolo fired an excellent shot.

64 minutes: Fabiano's long range shot threatened Argentine defense, but it went wide off the tartget.

62 minutes: Veron was cautioned.

60 minutes: Argentina is trying to create chances, but Brazilian defense looks more resiliant now.

57 minutes: Free kick for Argentina. Veron took the free kick, but was cleared by Brazialn defender. Another threatening attack from Argentina.

54 minutes: Argentina is now on attack.

52 minutes: Argentina got a corner, Veron took it, but nothing happend. Another good attack from the home side.

50 minutes: Free kick for Brazil, but cleared by Argentine defense.

48 minutes: A good attack from Argentina and got a corner, but it was later on cleared by the Brazilian defenders. Brazil then had an attack.

46 minutes: Second half started just now. Argentina changed a player. Rodrigez went out, Aguero came in.

The match will resume very soon.

Dear readers, it is now half time in the match. Argentina played better, but Brazil scored. Now, let us see what hapens in the second half. We will be back when the second half starts.

45+2 minutes: First half finished as Brazil is leaing 2-0 in the match.

45+1 minutes: Brazil is now on attack, but lost the possession.

44 minutes: Fabiano shown yellow card for tackling Messi illegally.

42 minutes: Brazil got a free kick; Javier Mascherano was shown yellow card. Another thereating attack from Brazil. This time the keeper saved Argentina.

40 minutes: Free kick for Argentina; Rodrigez's free kick could not earn anything for the home side.

38 minutes: A therating attack from Argentina. Maxi Rodrigez's shot was blocked by Brazil keeper.

36 minutes: Argentina is trying to make organized attack.

33 minutes: Free kick for Argentina and Luisao was shown yellow card.

30 minutes: Brazil scored the second goal as Luis Fabiano fried for the visiting side.

29 minutes: Free kick for Brazil.

26 minutes: Argentina got a free kick; Veron took it and it looked threatening.

24 minutes: A rare attack from Brazil as they got a free kick and It is a GOAL! Luisao scored the goal against the tide of the match.

20 minutes: Kaka was shown a yellow card.

18 minutes: A 'Messi Magic' looked impending, but nothing happened in the end.

15 minutes: Argentina got a free kick from outside the box, but it reflected in the human wall.

12 minutes: Messi had a threating shot, but it went off the target.

10 minutes: Another attack from Argentina. The home side controled the first 10 minutes of the game.

8 minutes: Brazil finally had an attack and corner for Brazil, but nothing happened in the end.

6 minutes: Brazil has not made any organized attack yet.

3 minutes: Another good attack from Argentina, but was offside. Argentina is in firm control of the match.

0 minute: The match started just now. Argentina in the first attack.

10 minutes left now.

You need to wait just 20 minutes now.

Just 30 minutes left now. So, do not go anywhere.

Dear readers, just 50 minutes left before the start of the match.

An exciting world cup qualifying match between Argentina and Brazil is going to take place today (5 September 2009) in Argentina. The two big rivals will take on each other in their attempt to clinch their place in the world cup 2010 tournament which will be held in South Africa.

The match kicks off at 21:30 (local time) in Argentina. However, the date and timing is different from region to region. According to Indian time, the match starts at 06:00 am on 6 September. GMT timing is 00:30am on 6 September.

Here, in this entry, we will be giving you live updates of the match when the match starts. So, be with us and enjoy the updates of the match.


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