Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asking Sachin Tendulkar to Fill in for Virender Sehwag: Is it Justifiable?

It is a bit strange to ask Sachin Tendulkar to fill up the gap of Virender Sehwag. Sehwag is missing Champions trophy as he has not recovered his shoulder injury yet and his absence is considered as a big blow to the Indian camp. In his absence, there is no body who can create the fear factor at the top order of Indian batting line up. His ability of scoring quickly can steal the show and break the morale of the opposition bowler at the beginning of the innings. Naturally, India will severely feel his absence during Champions trophy as they did during Twenty20 world cup where India performed poorly.

India media is claiming that Sachin Tendulkar will fill up the void left by Sehwag. Well, first of all, the idea of Sachin Tendulkar filling in for Sehwag is strange and baseless. Sachin Tendulkar is a legend of Indian cricket and he has helped India win many matches throughout his illustrious career. Tendulkar was no less attacking in his prime days than Sehwag is now.

At this moment, Tendulkar takes a more responsible role at the top order and now-a-days, he occasionally goes down the wicket against the bowlers in the initial overs. It is very natural because he is now in his mid 30s and he has already seen his prime days. Don’t take me wrong here. Tendulkar is still an influential batsman and capable of winning matches for India. However, it does not mean that he now has to fill up the gap of Sehwag. I think, it would not be humiliating for Tendulkar to ask him to take up the role of Sehwag because Tendulkar has already made his own territory of greatness.

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