Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Auto Rickshaw Drivers will be Trained ahead of Commonwealth Games 2010

Indian city, Mumbai, will arrange about 8000 auto-rickshaw drivers specially trained to deal with the tourist who will be touring the city during the games. Indian tourism authority has taken up an initiative to train up about 8000 auto-rickshaw drivers so that they can behave accordingly with the visitors.

During Commonwealth Games 2010, about 100,000 tourists are expected to visit Mumbai. Approximately 9,000 athletes from 52 commonwealth countries will take part in the games.

CNN reported:

Some 8,000 auto-rickshaw drivers will be enrolled in the training program that will involve classes in yoga, life skills, first aid, spoken English and psychometric tests, federal Tourism Secretary Sujit Banerjee announced Tuesday.

Each trainee will be paid Rs 200, or about $4, daily for attending the program spread over 200 sessions for a year.

Tourists reportedly face a number of problems from auto-rickshaw drivers in Mumbai. Sometimes they charge more and refuse to go on short trip.

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