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Besiktas vs Manchester United Preview and Live Score: Champions League 2009-10

Besiktas (0) vs Manchester United (1)

90+3 minutes: Manchester United won the game 1-0.

90+1 minutes: Besiktas is now desparate to score.

88 minutes: Time is running out for Besiktas, while ManU is trying to keep the lead intact.

86 minutes: There was a good cross from the right wing, but the Besiktas player failed to touch his head to the ball.

84 minutes: Antonio Valencia goes out and Park comes in, while Holosko has been replaced by Nihat Kaveche.

81 minutes: Another good attack from Besiktas.

78 minutes: Besiktas is trying to score an equalizer.

76 minutes: Manchester Unied scored thanks to Paul Scholes header.

74 minutes: Both sides are playing well at this moment.

70 minutes: Another magnificant attack from United, but nothing happened in the end.

68 minutes: Manchester United is now on attack.

64 minutes: Rooney was offside. An excellent attack from Manchester United. Berbatob replaced Carrick now. Rooney is also going out as Owen is coming off the bench.

60 minutes: Yusuf Semsik comes in and Serder Ozkan goes out.

58 minutes: Corner for the home team. But nothing happend.

56 minutes: A threatening attack from Besiktas.

53 minutes: Nobre of Besiktas was shown yellow card.

50 minutes: Both sides are trying to dominate in the game.

47 minutes: Manchester United had a very good chance, but Besiktas defense was up to the mark.

46 minutes: Second half has started just now.

This is half time in the match. We will be back with second half live updates.

45 minutes: First half ended goalless.

44 minutes: Rooney was off-side.

41 minutes: Corner for Besiktas. Well-gripped by Manchester United goalkeeper.

39 minutes: Manchester United got a free kick. Nani took the fee kick, but it went over the bar.

36 minutes: Home side is playing well, while ManU is also trying to score.

33 minutes: Another corner for the Turkish champion. Then ManU got a corner.

30 minutes: Besiktas is also fighting toe-to-toe with United.

27 minutes: Back to back corner for Besiktas.

24 minutes: Manchester United threatened in Besiktas defense, but was cleared later on.

20 minutes: Corner for Besiktas, but nothing happened.

16 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances. Neither side is dominating at this moment.

12 minutes: There was a long-range shot from Manchester United, but Besiktas goalkeeper was up to the mark.

10 minutes: Besiktas is playing very well.

7 minutes: Sivok shown yellow card. Manchester United free kick was well-defended by Besiktas defense.

5 minutes: Manchester is attacking, had a good chance.

1 minute: The match has started. Manchester United is now in attack.

The match will start very soon. We will give live score in this article.

Last season’s losing finalists Manchester United is going to start their UEFA Champions League 2009-10 season away from home at Besiktas, the Turkish champion, on 15 September. Placed together in Group B of Champions League, both Manchester United and Besiktas would like to have good start to the new season. Manchester United lost to Barcelona in last season’s tournament final in Rome.

Match: Besiktas vs Manchester United; Group B; UEFA Champions League 2009-10

Date: 15 September 2009

Venue: BJK Inonu Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey

Time: 19:45 BST; 18:45 GMT

Naturally, it is a mission of taking sweet revenge of last season’s disappointment. United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has also said that he would like to have Barcelona once again in the Champions League final. He also said that he had worked out the problems faced during the lethal match.

Newsoftheworld reported:

He said: "I would love another final with Barcelona, absolutely. I quite like those games! It would not be a problem for us, not a problem.

"That game was the first European final I have lost so it was disappointing for us and everybody at the club. But we have looked at the game again. You can look at these things and you can look at reasons and excuses and it's always better to look at the reasons. They are quite clear in what they are.

"If they are good reasons you can put that to the back of your mind and go away and live your life. If there were no reasons at all then we would be worried but I think there were valid reasons so we will move on.

"What were those reasons? I don't want to go into it.

Well, no doubt, Mr. Ferguson has become desperate to avenge their defeat at the hands of Barcelona who was at their best throughout the season. However, he must focus on the task ahead of him before giving too much thought to the tournament final. It is absolutely right that getting past Besiktas should not be a big deal for Manchester United, but as it is reported there will be some more things to consider for United while visiting their Turkish opponents.

First of all, Besiktas has a very strong fan base and the club ground is considered to be one of the strongest forts in Europe. Manchester United earlier visited Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, and now, they are ready to face another Turkish giant Besiktas. Football fans of Besiktas are very passionate about their favorite club and visiting sides always find it very important to be part of Real Madrid agent is always very important. Veteran Besiktas goalkeeper Rustu Recber, who was the star of 2011 world cup, said that the home fans would turn their visit into a nightmare. Besiktas fans always shouts loud throughout the game, and thus, creating pressure on the players. reported:

“The level of hostility at the Inonu is unique. United have been to Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, but the Besiktas fans are in a league of their own,” Rustu said, according to The Daily Mirror.
“They are the noisiest, the most passionate, and they stay with the team for 90 minutes.
“The noise is incredible. It will be a new experience even for those United players who think they have seen everything. Our fans can really make it hell.”

Let us talk about the strength of the two sides. Even though Besiktas is the defending champion of Turkish Super League football and they have a very strong squad who can cause an upset while hosting United in front of a packed BJK Inonu Stadium, Istanbul. It is pretty much certain that United is going to start their European campaign with a tricky affair. Manchester United is supposed to be the group champion in Group B where CSKA Moscow and Wolfsburg are the two other teams in the tournament.

However, the situation is not that much ideal for the home side after their 3-0 mauling of Galatasaray. Going into an important game on the back of this result would not help Besiktas psychologically. However, the inspirational attitude among the fans would always be a big source of gathering confidence for their players.

Besiktas has some quality players like Rustu Recber. Their defense boasts of the players like Ferrari, Sivok, while the midfield features Michael Fink, Ekrem Dag, Rodrigo Tabata and Serdar Ozkan. Besiktas forward line up includes Turkish international Nihat Kahveci and Bobo.

Manchester United is definitely a better side than Besiktas in terms of squad strength and depth. Paul Scholes picked up a red card during their 3-1 win at Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. However, the Red Devils have no problem in getting the service of the veteran midfielder in Europe.

Manchester United has a very strong defense line up in the presence of Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and O'Shea. Giggs, Scholes, Fletcher are very much capable of controlling the midfield, while Rooney, Berbatov and Owen are always threat for the opposition defense. Regular goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar has not got over his injury. So, Ben Foster would continue his job at the goal.

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Manchester United is deifantely favorite against Besiktas considering their strength and experience. However, it is football where everything can happen, and given their home advantage, Besiktas can turn the result in their favor if they start to exploit the visitors.

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