Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Champions Trophy 2009 Semifinal Schedule

India is out of Champions Trophy 2009 and this matter has perhaps taken away all the excitement from this event because most crazy fans of this game come from this country. Still, the event must go on and 4 countries have made into the semifinal. Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and England will be there to try their luck for the trophy. The four teams who could not make it are India, Sri Lanka, West Indies and host South Africa. I feel bad for South Africa because they are really a very good team and they were just unlucky.
You are looking for the schedule and you find it here: Semi-final Match Schedule of ICC Champions Trophy 2009
Kamrul Hasan of Cricket Updates has surely did his best to entertain the fans with live scores. In his blog, today, he gave live score to both the matches. 

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  1. I think you are Lacking with the Cricket Info. The 4 Teams which made in the Semis are: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, England.
    Australia will face England(Can English people take the revenge back, for their clean sweep in ODI's) and Pakistan will face New Zealand(Black Cats are in little confidence with thier previous win against English guys)