Thursday, September 10, 2009

India vs New Zealand ODI 11 September 2009: Who Will Win?

Just even less than 8 hours left before the start of the match. Now, all the cricket fans in these two countries are very excited and may be many people in India are still sleeping and dreaming of a win for their national team.
The Hindu wrote:
India has a 17-5 win-loss record in this period extending back to last August, its other series victories coming at the expense of Sri Lanka (twice), England, and, most recently, the West Indies.
India has also done extremely well at the Premadasa Stadium in this period, winning five of its seven matches. A large part of it has had to do with its faster bowlers dictating play under lights, exploiting Sri Lanka’s congenital weakness against seam bowling.
I am against this kind of assertion. New Zealand some quality players who can make anything happen in any match. Yes, I think that India will the match but if an upset happens then I will not get shocked either.

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