Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is the worst over for actor Vivek Oberoi?

Remember, the fight between Salman Khan and actor Vivek Oberoi over Aishwarya Rai. Well, after so many years, we got some confessions from Vivek Oberoi. On September 13, 2009, at the latest episode of Farah Khan’s chat show on Star Plus, “Tere Mere Beach Mein,” Vivek Oberoi talked about the quarrel between him and Salman Khan and the outcome of that quarrel. Vivek Oberoi was very close to Sohail Khan, Salman Khan’s younger brother, and during his fight with Salman Khan, he backed Vivek all the way. Vivek Oberoi said:

"He (Sohail) was my best friend and he had even fought for me with Salman. And he had told me, 'I will sort it out, don't worry!,….I felt bad that I had let a friend down. Till date, Sohail has not been able to forgive me...I speak to Arbaaz but I understand that I let down Sohail the most,"

Sohail Khan got angry with him after he went public. In a press conference, Vivek Oberoi told reporters that the superstar threatened to kill him because of his affair with Aishwarya Rai. Many people forbid him not to do the press conference but he did not listen. It was a bad decision which still today affects his career. Post press conference, the most promising young actor of Bollywood, suddenly turned into a bad boy and nobody was interested to work with him. Many film makers who paid him in advance to work in their movies suddenly dropped him and asked for their money. What was worse, one award show even sent him letters saying that he was chosen for an award but he was requested not to come to the show. Later, the award was given to someone else.

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  1. by gone is bygone.vivek oberai is a talented actor.why should he suffer all the time just because he had fight with that bloody salman knan?

  2. salman ke bare me galat mat bol..