Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kareena Kapoor did it for her sister and Salman Khan

In Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor may be known for her controversial comments on other actresses in the industry and zero size body but the actress also has a good heart. Kareena Kapoor had no time for Main Aur Mrs. Khanna but she worked in the movie only because she loves her sister and Salman Khan. They are two of her favorite people. Kareena Kapoor’s sister, Karisma Kapoor, is a very good friend of Salman Khan and she first heard the story of Main Aur Mrs. Khanna years ago. Since then, she has been requesting Salman Khan to do the movie with her sister. Kareena Kapoor also agreed to do the movie because she loves her sister and could not say ‘no’ to her.

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna stars Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan and Sohail Khan. It is a romantic comedy movie that tells the story of a married couple. The music of the movie has already hit the stores.

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