Monday, September 14, 2009

Katrina Kaif admits that her real name is ‘Turquotte’

Few days ago, the Indian media went into a frenzy with Katrina Kaif’s identity crisis. The source of the controversy was Ayesha Shroff, who was one of the co-producers of Katrina Kaiff’s first movie, Boom. In an interview with The Times of India, she revealed how Katrina Kaif got her screen name. Her real name was Katrina Turquotte Even news came out that the Bollywood queen gave out false family information. She does not have a Muslim father. Anyway, recently Katrina Kaif cleared the issue of identity crisis. One India reports:

In a recent interaction with the media when Katrina was quizzed about her name on the passport, the Rajiv Ghandhi award winner said that her name was indeed Katrina Turquotte and she had changed it to Katrina Kaif so that it was easier for people to address her. She concluded by saying that there was nothing more in the issue and she had no reasons to feel apologetic for changing her name after coming to India.

Initially, Bollywood movie producers could not think of hiring Katrina Kaif but as she grew close to Salman, getting movies was not a problem anymore. Finally, she went out solo and took over the top position in Bollywood. On the one hand, we have Katrina Kaif whose good relationship with Salman Khan took her to the top and on the other we have Vivek Oberoi, whose notorious fight with Salman Khan over Aishwarya Rai just ruined her career. This is the Bollywood of today. Here connections is the key word. Whether you can act or not, that is not the most important thing.

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