Monday, September 28, 2009

Lara Dutta wins over hydrophobia for Blue Hindi movie

By this time, many of you have seen Lara Dutta swimming under water and playing with dolphins in the trailer of Blue Hindi movie but this was not an easy task for the actress Lara Dutta. The former beauty queen had to go through a rigid under water training to overcome her fear of water while talking about her character in the movie. Lara said that she was very much hydrophobic but when with motivation from Akshay Kumar she decided to do the role. In March 2008, she started under water training. She first started in a five feet small pool but it was very problematic for her to swim. Then she gradually overcame her fear of water and became a CMAS 1 star diver. For shooting the Blue Hindi movie, they went to the Bahamas and Lara Dutta did few somersaults 15 feet under the sea surface. At that time, it was pretty tough for her to stay under water for sometime because her body would keep going up after sometime. After doing the somersaults the crue of the movie started throwing various things at her and they told her to bring those things from the sea surface like shells, starfish. They even through one of her co-stars. It was a very pleasant experience for Lara over all. Lara plays the character of Mona in Blue Hindi movie who is a Marine enthusiast and Sagar’s lady love. For the Blue Hindi movie, Lara Dutta had to work very hard and definitely she looks very stunning in the movie. 

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