Friday, September 4, 2009

Pakistan: Paan Betel leaf Sellers Cannot Earn Money

Pakistan is a Muslim country and it is the time of Ramazan or fasting month. People are spend a lot of money for Iftar items and as a result inflation is high at this moment in the country. So, Betel leaf Sellers are suffering a lot in the city of Karachi because most people are not eager to buy Paan or Betel leaf as if they have to spend money on other things. There is a very interesting report about this matter in Daily Times website:

It may be remembered that according to the health department officials and paan (betel leaf) traders in the city the citizens of Karachi consume 12,000 kilogrammes (kgs) betel leaf daily. According to non-governmental organisations there are almost 3,500 cabins in the city where paans of different quality are sold.

However, the traders in Paan Mandi claim that the sale of paan betel leaf has decreased to almost 5,000 kgs during the first 10 days of Ramazan.

Well, the government of Pakistan should take this matter seriously and they should help the paan sellers.

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